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[koikatsu] - Hinata NTR Night

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My Harem Saga

Well you're on the train and happen to meet a young lady in distress. You offer to help her and offer her a place to stay in your spare bedroom. She accepts and comes into your home in exchange for helping around the house. You also do a little spying on this hottie. This is the first version of the game and you get into the story as it develops. Can not wait for the upgrade out soon!

Poker Guns

Shoot down opponents poker combination, and defend yours


In this gamethe number merging gameplay is coupled with chess techniques, therefore it will be quite critical to not just join the numerated tiles, but plan your moves a few steps ahead! We can understand why this might be difficult, considering that Kathia Nobili is a mature model who will strip your success if you attain higher levels.