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Buxom Math 3

Can you use your brains to solve math problems? If that`s the case, you can see a whole lot of interesting things in this interactive flash game. So let`s embark the game. You will notice a beautiful and huge-chested dame in the background. Her chests that are big grab your attention. After a few seconds, a math problem will appear on the screen. For example 5/9 * 3 =? You have to solve this equation to go the appropriate answer. To do this, use the number keys. If the answer is correct you will earn a few game points. After that, the picture in the game will change and you will see another beautiful dame who shows you her caboose and humid cunt. And it will also be necessary to solve the equation. The more equations you solve, the more pictures you look. Let`s embark the game.

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Added: 2022-11-30 | Duration: 0:00